• travel
  • Best Packing Tips For Air Travel

    Packing tips for air travel are always welcome, don’t you think? Travelling by plane is the most convenient way of transport when it comes to long hauls, however all those luggage limits can be slightly annoying, if you’re like me, you probably struggle before each journey, passionately trying to fit that additional pair of shoes. […]

  • London
  • Amazing London Murals- East End

    I was planning to make a nice post about murals in London for a while but today when I actually got some time to do it I discovered that what seemed to be a few random pictures is actually quite a collection! Therefore I decided to show you the most interesting pieces in more than […]

  • food
  • Delicious And Healthy Pea & Mint Soup Recipe

    The first time I tried the pea & mint soup was many years ago at Bel & The Dragon in Reading. I immediately fell in love with both the soup and the restaurant, making the goody at home every now and then ever since. Green peas and fresh peppermint are such a great combination, very […]

  • London
  • Camden Nostalgia

    Camden Town has always had a very special place in my heart. Not only because of the fantastic markets, international street food, great pub culture and music venues all over the show. It’s probably because of the atmosphere of the place I grew up with. At the end of the day, Camden was my very […]