Lodz- The Boat That Rocks!

Off Piotrkowska cafesBefore I tell you about my amazing birthday trip and the city which has lately become my obsession, I need to say thanks to two lovely people. I know, it’s not the Oscars, but still I’d feel bad not mentioning the guys who made my day truly special. Therefore, my big and fat thank you goes to Markus (who ruined my plan of staying at home in my pjs and almost forced me to do something I enjoy) and Joy ( who helped me discover what it is)- thank you guys, you’re the best!

bear sculpture

After the whole morning of being negative and miserable like a proper old lady (yaaay!) I decided to change my mind and do something more suitable for someone who struggles to grow up, no matter how many candles there are on the cake. I went on a completely spontaneoustrip to the city I didn’t know. I went to Lodz.

Lodz Piotrkowska street

I had heard a lot about the city before, mainly bad things- that it’s not very pretty with dirty streets and nothing to do. And you know what? I think exactly the opposite! It’s lovely! It’s beautiful, it’s creative, it’s alive! It’s full of art, vegetarian bistros and wonderful architecture. It’s inspiring, colourful, relatively quiet and packed with little coffee places. And the coffee is very good and cheap, too! Oh, you can easily say I’m in love with the city, can’t you 🙂 But Lodz (which, in Polish, means a boat) really is a place worth more than just a brief visit, I’ll definitely go back there for the weekend when it finally gets warmer (will it ever?!).

Off center

I particularly enjoyed OFF Piotrkowska centre- a group of old factory buildings amazingly transformed into pubs, restaurants, vintage shops, farmers’ market, music venues and concept stores.

Off Lodz

Off Tari Bari Lodz

Tari Bari Bistro Lodz

Almost too cool to be true, no? 🙂

colourful lights

As for the rest of the city, the creative spirit was present everywhere, from various sculptures to murals.

funny windows Lodz

Lodz mural Łódź

street art Lodz

street art mural Lodz

There was also the LGBT march with colourful flags and dancing happening on the main city street.

LGBT march Lodz

LGBT march Lodz

And as the march passed me by, I couldn’t help bursting into tears. It is heart-breaking that there’s still a need for the demonstration of this kind in a democratic country. I genuinely find it terribly sad that in the 21st century we still consider basic human rights of freedom and equality controversial. Who are we to judge the others? What makes me better or worse than you? How can you tell me how to live while your own life isn’t perfect? Why do I give you so much advice without even knowing you? Will this ridiculous hatred dictated by religious and political views ever stop?!

Lodz for equality


Lodz (‘the boat’ in Polish) sails for equality  says the banner.
After getting so emotional, I needed a cup of coffee. Luckily, the number of pretty little cafes was countless.

hidden gems Lodz

nice street view lodz

The place I decided to go for was called Przędza. I really loved it there. And the coffee… it was exceptional. I ended up drinking a few cups, coming to a few not so silly conclusions, getting inspired. But that’s a different story, I’ll tell you about it next time.

Przedza cafe Lodz

As for now… want to join me over these blue cups?

cappucino in Lodz