‘…And We’re Definitely Going To Hell…’ With Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls!

Frank Turner Warsaw

Last night Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls played in Warsaw again!!! The show was spectacular, we experienced everything rock’n’roll is all about (including a naked guy on the stage, lol). Although Frank and the band were beyond wonderful,  not everything was ideal.

For example, I’d really appreciate if two women (in their late 30s I believe) standing in the front row weren’t furiously kicking me and the other people who were trying to enjoy the gig- last time someone intentionally kicked me was when I was 5 and didn’t want to share my toy with another kid… I learned my lesson but looks like 5 year olds are still among us. Is that really so difficult to  have a little respect for one another?! For goodness’ sake, if you don’t want to dance, stay by the wall, in the back or simply take one of the seats available and let the others have a good time! If you’re desperate to be close to the stage though, don’t be surprised if someone who’s dancing accidentally touches you, no need to get aggressive, really :/ I’ve got the impression that some people simply shouldn’t go to the rock gigs, end of story.

Another ridiculous thing I experienced were security guys who didn’t care about their responsibilities at all. They were just standing in one place, almost offended to be there! People running on the stage? The others falling down, about to crash their head on the barrier? None of these was important enough to make the so called security move a centimetre, I just couldn’t believe it! It was the band’s brilliant technician who kept the situation under control but should it be his job?! The others got paid to do this, at the end of the day! It was really so frustrating, I can’t imagine how one can be so lazy, ignorant and unprofessional.

Frank Turner

Anyway, such things, although annoying, didn’t stop me from making the most of the night. The show was fantastic. It’s not surprising though as if I had to name just one favourite band/singer-songwriter of all time, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to shout Frank’s name. I love this guy much more than I’m able to express! I know, there are other great artists who’s music is more technically-advanced and who’s lyrics are more poetic, but still, there’s something very unique and unpretentious to Frank. I can genuinely relate to the most of his tunes. He’s a brilliant story-teller, so passionate and authentic. You don’t really see it these days. I desperately crave something that’s not fake and Frank is my answer.

Or this:

Or this:

Oh, I could carry on till the morning light. Just wanted to let you know my weekend was great. With my calves bleeding, my tee smelling of somebody else’s beer, my makeup completely destroyed (aka panda eyes!)… dancing as if my life depended on it, singing every single line, sweating like a fat man on the bus… I had the time of my life.

Warsaw gig