A Day By The River

Palace of Westminster

Not sure about you, but I can’t really imagine anything more ideal than a lovely, warm day by the river. Actually, even if the day is not so warm or not so lovely (often both), the riverside still would be my favourite place to escape. To me, it’s just one of these things always able to match your mood, like music. You know what I mean?


And there’s no river like the Thames. Today I’d like to show you a few snaps I took the other day having a wonderful long walk along its central part.

Starting  on the northern bank, by the Palace of Westminster, the  heart of British politics and probably the most iconic example of Gothic Revival architecture…

Big Ben

To move to the South Bank and see a slightly newer construction which is just another of many fantastic London landmarks and the highest ferries wheel in Europe… ladies and gentlemen, the London Eye!

London Eye

Although it’s not the highest viewing point in the British capital anymore, when a bit of sunshine comes out, people go crazy and the queues to the Millenium Wheel are as ridiculous as they were 16 years ago when it opened. Would you fancy a ride?

St Paul's

If you’re not too keen on waiting though, you can always go further and fell in love with the beautiful views of St Paul’s cathedral and all the boats and ships bobbing out across the water…

St Paul's

To make it all the way to Tate Modern, where you can see famous art pieces as well as crazy temporary installations. For an art freak like me, this place is definitely a must each time I’m near. From Hirst, Warhol  or Kusama to Pollock and Kandinsky or tonnes of graffiti-inspired paintings, there’s always so much going on!

Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol

And then you can grab your coffee and sip it on the terrace or simply sit down on the grass outside the gallery and enjoy the sunshine there, listening to the buskers, with the Millennium Bridgeon the right and St Paul’s right in front of you.



‘…though I’ve seen a thousand rivers, from the Mississippi to the Rhine,
the only place that  lay my hat down is by an English riverside…’

/Frank Turner/