True Colours

For those who ever hang out with me, it’s probably easy to notice that my wardrobe consists of mainly black, white and grey items. If I want to get adventurous I go for grey-ish pink or navy blue and that’s basically it. I somehow feel that this basic palette gives you endless choices regarding style- you can get all elegant and classy or the other way round, you can mix smart pieces with the grunge ones, you don’t have to rethink your outfit 100 times as every item matches the other ones… I just feel super comfy and confident in those colours.

However (isn’t it what you’ve been waiting for? ;)), some time ago I bought a piece that is against everything I’ve ever considered ‘aesthetic’. Looking for some basics in H&M with my Mum (yes, I still think Mum’s the best person to go shopping with!) I spotted this gorgeous little jumper. Ok, not literally- it is short but still rather baggy and although starts at size 6 (UK) it gives you plenty of room to grow a proper belly donut. Oh, isn’t it gross? Well, just saying. Anyway, I spotted the jumper and my heart started to melt. I felt as if I found some vintage piece in a hidden second-hand clothing shop- it was sooo colourful, sooo cheesy, nothing even close to feminine… the fabric was as synthetic as you can imagine… ‘I’m gonna sweat like a pig’, I wanted to think. But then I realised that pigs don’t actually sweat, how cool is this! Instead, I enthusiastically said to myself: ‘It’s gonna last forever!’ and that thought made me very happy indeed.
fashionBack at home I paired my jumper with the basic ankle skinnies and Vagabond platforms and with no effort I got that cute, cheesy and slightly nostalgic 80s look. And know what? I love it! I guess I should have used a bit of bright blue eyeshadow and vivid pink lipstick but… you know, when it comes to makeup I tend to almost feel like a clown wearing anything else then nude so I guess I’d rather leave it to professionals- maybe one day 😉

What about you? Have you ever spotted a piece which didn’t seem your cup of tea at the beginning but then, became one of your favourite items? Or is it just me being weird?

(…sorry, couldn’t resist 😛 )

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  • Haha you cutie, I am pretty sure I have seen you in this jumper before 🙂 I agree. Sometimes I buy something and am not sure on it and then suddenly it becomes the most awesome thing ever! x