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  • True Colours

    For those who ever hang out with me, it’s probably easy to notice that my wardrobe consists of mainly black, white and grey items. If I want to get adventurous I go for grey-ish pink or navy blue and that’s basically it. I somehow feel that this basic palette gives you endless choices regarding style- […]

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  • Keep Having Dreams

    I’ve been rather quiet recently as life got incredibly hectic. But hey, we all have these moments when we’re busy doing things we don’t quite enjoy,  but which need to be done- this is exactly what’s going on in here. I feel tired, with no energy and I’m completely fed up with this weather. All […]

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  • Didn’t He Ramble

    Last night was probably the most magical and emotional night of my life and although I’d love to tell you about it, there are situations in life when words are quite useless and this certainly is one of those. No matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to make you hear the heartbeat, […]