London Calling! Any Advice?

I love London

As some of you may remember I’m going to London on Wednesday (yay!) and because of that, I am the happiest person on this planet. Naaah, actually, I’m the happiest person in the whole solar system!!! :)))

I love the city (and here you can read about why exactly I think it’s the best place in the world), I can’t wait to go back to my favourite hidden gems London is packed with, to see my friends, to enjoy the sights… it’s going to be amazing!

However, because I’ve been properly sick (staying in bed for a week already!) I wasn’t able to do much preparations. I didn’t do any shopping (could easily write the 20 things I’m sure I need right now kind of post), no beauty treatments ( I’ll either manage to trim my fringe and do some clumsy manicure by myself or look like a trump, seriously!), I don’t know where I’m going to eat (just found out two of my favourite cafes had been closed earlier on this year- how unfortunate!) and in general everything’s such a mess! Could anyone give me a hand???!

What to see?

Of course I do have a brief idea of the places I want to visit (about 20 so far, actually!) but I wonder if you have any recommendations for me? It’s such a large, busy city that we could all probably learn a lot about it from one another. I’d love to hear about your favourite places in the comments bellow!

Where to eat?

Café/restaurant scene is the one changing so quickly that I’m really struggling to catch up with it- only two months  ago in my post about London I was telling you about my favourite café I used to go to frequently for the last 8 years and… now it’s no longer there! I still want to visit a few places around Brixton, Shoreditch and Notting Hill but as for the rest- no idea! Any advice? Any food place recommendation (especially around Dalston, Hackney, Hoxton and Peckham) would be very well-received!

What to buy?

Although these days we can buy pretty much anything online, treasure-digging in a real shop is a totally different thing to experience (and it’s often cheaper- no shipping!). Any inspiration for what is worth-bringing home from London? I’m planning to stock up on books and magazines (as usual), get some barfi (there’s absolutely no way to find it in Poland!) and, hopefully, a nice pair of shoes (both Rocket Dog and Hush Puppies which are among my favourite casual brands are super hard to get here). Do you have any other suggestions?

In return I promise to spoil you with tonnes of amazing pictures and (hopefully) helpful tips, reviews and recommendations soon :)))



  • Lili’s travel plans

    Hello! I just went to London for a day last Friday and had already been before for 6 days! You can read all my tips right here: Have an awesome trip!!!

  • Thanks a lot, Lili! You've listed so many things in your post that it would be hard not to get inspired 🙂

  • I didn't try too many fast good spots while I was in London, but I really enjoyed Franco Manca for pizza — it was very affordable too and they have locations around the city (I went to the one near Covent Garden). If you're interesting, I put together this 5-day London itinerary on my blog, you might find something here not already on your list.

  • We love London! I've got several tips mentioned on my blog too:
    In October, after a visit to the British Museum, I had a pho lunch at Viet Eat. Good! But definitely not as cheap as Warsaw! Brawn was a great winebar with dishes to share. Good Japanese at Tsunami north of Soho. NOPI is very good for Israeli/Middle East-type dishes. In Shoreditch, St. John Bread & Wine is another great winebar – the foie gras, lovely seasonal dishes. There also was a very good American BBQ place set up in a storage container mall near the Spitalfields Market…not sure if that's open. For some fun vintage clothes, I liked the Camden Market. Enjoy!

  • Thanks so much, Eden! I used to live in Brixton and make visits to local Franco Manca in Brixton Village every now and then- not a huge fast food fan but their pizza tastes great and like you said, is affordable, too. I checked your blog, the link you posted here and the other one about the 10-day trip, I'll definitely go for some of your suggestions, thanks a lot! P.S. I don't eat meat at all so your vege food reccommendations really come in handy! 🙂

  • Hello Joy, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I think I know the London part of your blog by heart now, you have this unique ability to make me want to go to the places I'm not potentially interested in (like that cookbook shop- not sure when was the last time I used a cookbook but it sounded so lovely that if I only had more time during my trip, I would definitely pay a visit, hahah). Well, it's not hard to find a place more expensive than Warsaw, isn't it so I'm kind of prepared and London prices don't give me a heart attack anymore (as they did during my first trip when I was a teen, haha). Thanks again for your recommendations, will try as many as possible during a 5-day trip 🙂


    My favorite place in London is The Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park.
    It is a beautiful park with tiered waterfalls and swimming fish in water and magnificent nature around
    The park has plenty of its own hidden corners, with winding paths where I can walk hours

  • Never been there! Hope the weather is good enough to make it possible this year! Thanks a lot for your suggestion!