I’m Back!

london holiday

Just a few words tonight as I’m knackered after the journey, basically just wanted to say hi 🙂 Sorry I didn’t post anything while being away but I wanted to make the most of my holiday- to see every sight, to meet as many friends as it was technically possible, to taste the food, to visit the old places and discover the new ones, to do a bit of shopping and coffee-tasting, too… and the day has just 24 hours 🙁

The trip, although full of unexpected adventures, was amazing, it only convinced me London is the place where I want to be. Especially that they play Glen Hansard at  Starbucks (!!!), which, in my opinion is one of good reasons 🙂

Anyway, I need a proper nap now- will leave you with these few snaps to give you an idea  of what my holiday was all about and I promise- there’s a lot more to come! x