Didn’t He Ramble

glen hansard

Last night was probably the most magical and emotional night of my life and although I’d love to tell you about it, there are situations in life when words are quite useless and this certainly is one of those. No matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to make you hear the heartbeat, see the face expression change with every tiny note, taste the tear stream down to your mouth… I won’t be able to make you feel the motion of hundreds bodies around,  inhale the air of a stuffy venue, drift away to the most sublime sounds. I just wish you all could have been there… I did get quite a few recordings but my little compact camera didn’t live up to the challenge and the quality is poor but I hope they at least give you some picture of what was going on there.

I’ve seen hundreds of gigs, but Glen’s performance in Warsaw truly was beyond amazing, beyond spectacular, it’s been the most mesmerising music event I’ve ever experienced. It was enchanting, it was touching, it was fun, it was witty, it was authentic… it was one in a million. Just listen to this beautiful ballad:

I didn’t have high expectations before the gig. First time I saw Glen was in London 4 years ago, the concert was fantastic- the band, the venue, everything was super professional and the atmosphere was very special. Then two years later it was Glen’s gig in Warsaw- a decent one, you couldn’t really tell anything bad about it but… there was something missing. It was a nice performance and I didn’t regret going but… something just didn’t feel right. I thought it’s because of the average venue, different audience… but now I know it wasn’t the case. Yesterday’s show was absolutely mind-blowing and I can still feel something piercing in my heart while writing about it a day later.

The show started punctually, which was quite a surprise (if you’ve ever seen a gig in Poland you know that arriving 30min late is being on the safe side). And the first artist to play was Marketa Irglova! It was the first time I saw her live. It was lovely, she was lovely. With the quiet piano and her sublime yet powerful voice, she created the atmosphere which was just magical. It was dark and quiet, all you could see was a head of that tiny girl above a huge piano, all you could hear was the most remarkable voice accompanied by gentle sounds of the piano. It’s quite funny when you think of it, how such a quiet, modest girl can have the power to control the crowd, to own people’s hearts. Oh boy, I still get goose bumps when I think of her performance.

And then it only got more divine. Glen did take the whole room to another galactic, what he did with the band was incredible. He’s an extremely talented yet such a personable guy, his connection with the audience is beyond imagination. I genuinely loved every minute of it, laughing out of control and crying like a kid. I don’t remember being so emotional before, I guess what music does to you is still different than any other thing in the world, different than the finest piece of art, even different than a new pair of shoes. You can’t really relate it to anything, it’s another world.

And the band… there were not only guitars, drums, base and piano but also violins, trumpets and cello. It was exactly what makes a great show.

And there were also tonnes of spontaneous jokes involved. After the energetic ending of When Your Mind’s Made Up Glen suggested calling an ambulance and the girl from the audience shouted: ‘I’m a doctor!’ to which Glen responded: ‘I need you’ and she said: ‘My mind’s made up!’ :))) You can hear the rest of joking below, as well as the beautiful Bird Of Sorrow.

An amazing and highly appreciated gift to all the audience was 2 traditional Polish songs which Rob Bochnik, the guitarist, sang immaculately. It was sooo touching, at the same time we had so much fun! I couldn’t imagine a better surprise from the band. Sadly, I don’t have it recorded. What I do have though is another super cute situation: Glen playing This Gift and the audience waving dozens paper shamrocks <3 <3 <3

Or, Glen who spotted a little boy among the audience (on the balcony) and dedicated him a song about… a banana man 😛 Then, he and the band disappeared from the stage… to climb all the way up to the balcony and meet the little one 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was all incredibly sweet, our hearts were melting with every second… You could (more- less… well, probably less) see all of these here:

What was the greatest thing of all happened in the end. Glen invited Marketa to the stage (remember? I wrote about that sweetest duo ever here) and they performed Falling Slowly together.

What more can I say? Probably the best night in my life.

glen hansard