me uncovered

Being photographed is as far from my cup of tea as you could ever imagine. Or perhaps much further. I’ve always been a keen photographer (that annoying person putting the camera in her dinner plate two tables away- that’s me!) and my holiday pictures tend to look like postcards as I’m hardly ever there. I’ve never had a selfie done (not even once in my life), it’s just not my thing.

While some people shine brighter than Times Square in front of the camera, the others just feel weird and completely lost. I’m in the second group, never knowing what to do with my hands, where to place my feet, how to stop  nervously making some stupid faces and so on. Sound familiar? Or are you all born to be photo models?


Having said that, I’ve always been into fashion with a strong desire to make this blog a place where you could get intoxicated with two of my biggest obsessions: London and clothing. The plan is still on and I promise to give you more of both in the future but since a few of you asked about my everyday style, I decided to post these random pictures while writing excuses why they’re so bad, hahah.

This is how I looked like the other day: working, having breakfast with my friend, teaching and teaching a bit more to be off to see another friend for late dinner. Although head to toe black is not my usual thing, I love these particular pieces and tend to wear them quite a lot actually. They’re rather minimalist and versatile, super comfy and unpretentious  and even if your favourite winter activity is indulging yourself in hot chocolate, they still don’t make you look overweight which I think is just another bonus.

No studio, no proper light, no equipment and the model who has no clue how to pose- sounds just too lame to be true, hahah. And yes, I know that carpet really looks as if somebody threw up on the floor, I hate it too 😉 And feel free to think: ‘so fat’, ‘so spidery’, ‘so short’, ‘too pale’, ‘so much shadow’ or ‘what a silly face she’s making in this one!’, that’s ok. I’m not perfect and I’ll never pretend to be. But at least I hope to give you the picture which is not so far from reality, deprived of all these fancy packages which make us look stunning and our everyday life appear fabulous, while the real world is just hours in front of our laptops mastering the latest airbrushing techniques. In the actual outfit posts I’ll certainly put much more effort but this time it’s just the way I am- happy and laid-back, with no intention to conquer the online world- nice to meet you here 🙂