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  • With Love

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and although I’m not a huge fan of its commercial side, a kindly reminder to do something special for the ones that we love never hurts, does it. Whether it’s a little gift or any other surprise, it’s always nice to know we’re cared for. And speaking of […]

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  • Gingerbread Museum – Baking Goodies In Torun

    Torun is the city famous of its gingerbread manufacturing tradition and since anything gingerbread-related sounds good to me, I decided to get some proper education on this front. And for that, there was only one place to go- a museum dedicated to our favourite Christmas biscuits! Located in the historical centre of the city, the […]

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  • A Postcard From My Hometown

    The last few days I spent in my hometown and… to tell you about my feelings I just have to quote Mr Turner and his Wessex Boy:   There’s something about hometowns you never can escape The triumphs and the tragedies and those of little faith The welling of nostalgia and feeling kind of strange, Cause […]

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  • ‘…This Is England…’

      Seven o’clock in the morning, a typical tube station in north-east London. A narrow space of the platform filled with hundreds of people waiting for a train. Most of them are Asians, there are several Jamaicans, too. And a few Whites- they are Poles for sure. There’s no point looking for any Brits among […]