Greetings From Torun


With its gorgeous gothic architecture, lovely cobbled streets and the riverside crammed with runners, Torun is one of the most charming Polish towns. So why not to share a few pics from my last trip with you? I told you about the gingerbread museum already, now it’s time to take a look around the old town.

Lets start our walk by the river…


…to continue it through the gate…


…and pretty little streets like this one…


…to arrive to the main market square…


….admiring the town hall…

town hall


…and the beautiful houses around.


yellow house

Stopping by the Copernicus’ house may be a good idea (as well as visiting the tiny gingerbread shop opposite to treat yourself a bit).

copernicus house

There’s also a monument of the famous astronomer in the old town but since some neither attractive nor sober gentleman was having a nap next to it, excuse me if I don’t share any pictures =]

Instead, a bit of the gingerbread fence…

gingerbread fence

…and the adorable doggy with a hat.


Torun is a magical place and I can only imagine how beautiful it becomes in the Spring. It would be great to come back to the town when the days get warmer, especially that I discovered one absolutely exceptional coffee place there (surprise surprise) 😀