Winter Skincare


If you’re lucky to be living in the part of the world where the temperature hardly ever goes below 0°C, skip this post, go out and enjoy your great weather. For the rest of us who are not so fortunate I prepared a list of beauty products which help the skin survive Winter.




Bioderma Micelle Solution has been my number one cleanser for years and especially in Winter I appreciate its gentle formula which removes makeup properly without irritating the skin. Unlike some other solutions, it doesn’t have that greasy finish, leaving your skin fresh and clean, ready for another part of your beauty routine.

Hydrating Serum


During Winter my skin gets terribly dry, dull and irritated so good cream, although necessary, is not enough. That’s why I keep using serum before applying the cream- it’s not as thick so it penetrates the skin deeper, nourishing the parts which are inaccessible for the cream, and then, the cream is absorbed better. My favourite hydrating serum is Soothing Hydrating serum by Avene with their thermal water (I believe now it comes in a new bottle within the Hydrance Optimale series). It’s the only serum which works as it should without leaving my combination skin oily (unlike the other products I’ve tried) so if you haven’t found yours, it may be worth giving this one a shot.

Face cream


It’s been quite a while since I started looking for face cream which would be suitable for my skin and there’s a chance I found it. I’ve got the Daily Energizer Cream-Gel by Clarins as a present and I like it so far. Probably I haven’t been using it long enough to elaborate on its effects, but I can honestly say that the cream is very light and easily-absorbed, it makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated  without the unwanted shine. So far, so good!

Lip balm


Although we tend to use it all year long, especially in Winter lip balm is one of the essentials- nobody wants their dead skin cells ruining all the work of that newest lipstick, right? And when it comes to lip balms, there’s only one choice for me. I’ve tried dozens of products (some of them smelled so good that you simply wanted to eat them) but there’s only one which always does the job-  Rêve de Miel® by Nuxe. It’s packed in a tiny jar and seems quite pricey ( about £10 )but it lasts so long that in fact it really is inexpensive. You only need a tiny amount to make a difference and repair your lips, leaving them soft and nourished with perfect protection, no matter how dry and damage they were before. I genuinely recommend this product and the brand itself, so far they haven’t disappointed me.

Hand cream

hand cream

Good hand cream is a must in the Winter when our skin gets irritated easily. But what do we expect from the perfect hand cream? My ideal moisturiser is the one that softens and relieves dry skin, keeping it moisturised until the next hand washing… and it has to smell great. I know, I know, such a girl I am! As much as some scent-free face solution is highly desirable, when it comes to hand lotion, fantastic smell is obligatory -end of story (added my poetic side).

I’ve got the whole drawer of hand creams: some of them smell delicious indeed (like the ones from The Body Shop), the others have fab packaging (I love that cute little owl from NPW), there are some which have both (like Tony Moly’s banana hand milk- the coolest beauty product in the world!) and although I like them all, when it gets properly cold outside, they may not be enough. And this is when I call for something special- super efficient, rich, with the smell to die for, continuously perfect for years. Yes, you were right, it’s Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, the product I can always rely on, it takes care of my skin properly leaving it smooth and moisturised even when it’s -15°C outside. In my opinion it’s simply the best product available on the market and although I like trying new products and discovering new brands, in the Winter I’m more than happy to stick to Palmer’s. And I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either. Plus, if you’re a Lindt addict, you’re going to be crazy about this one, it truly smells like a nice cup of the finest chocolate. And what’s the best part? No calories at all!


Ok, so that would be my guide on how to keep our skin smooth and healthy, even while facing extreme weather conditions. What about your beauty regime? Are there any products you couldn’t do without?