Monday Challenge


Constantly challenge yourself – huge, bold letters shout at me every time I open my laptop. It’s the wallpaper I got from GFDA (if you’re into motivational quotes, check out those guys, their gadgets are brilliant!) a few years ago and have kept it on my desktop ever since as a kind reminder. After all, the excitement of new challenges is one of those things which make our life worthwhile,  isn’t it?

In fact, in this post I’d like to introduce you to the challenge I’m going to take up tomorrow. Hopefully, you’d like to join me- we will have so much fun together!

First of all, I’ve never told you that my workout routine consisted of pretty much the same training for quite a few months and lately I just got bored with it. Looking for something new I came across this fantastic channel offering hundreds of different workouts for everybody. What we find there ranges from low intensity workouts for those who’ve just started their fitness adventure, through 10 minute films to be mixed into one personalised training, to  30 minute interval workouts for the busy ones or even full- length, 90minute sessions. The diversity of the Fitness Blender’s programmes amuses me- there’s something for everyone over there: stretching, kickboxing, boot camp trainings , Pilates and, my favourite group- HIIT workouts. I’ve tried out a few of them until I spotted the 5-day Workout Challenge For Busy People. Sounds good, no? By now those of us who had made some New Year’s resolutions probably managed to break them (the Blue Monday was a week ago) so is there any better time to take up a new challenge?

What I’m going to do is this programme plus some more stretching after each workout, however if you feel like going for something different, don’t hesitate to do so. The idea is to work out for the next five days, eating as healthily and clean as possible at the same time (well, not quite simultaneously, haha). It would be great to motivate each other, exchange some tips and experience and reveal how you feel after completing this challenge. Each day  on my Facebook page I’ll post my meal plan for the next day as well as various tips to hopefully give you some inspiration. Feel free to share yours, too- I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for everyone!

Ready? Great! Time to do some planning.

  1. Think about your reasons, goals and expectations. Be realistic, it’s just 5 days so if your dream about a visible six-pack that may not be enough, but it’s a great way to check what you’re capable of!
  2. Choose the workouts and make sure to put them on your schedule. Whether it’s jogging in the morning, Zumba classes after work or some YT trainings to do at home, prioritise them- no excuses!
  3. Plan your meals. Go shopping and start preparations- you don’t want to be hungry, do you. Get rid of all the naughty food from the house- nobody resists Cadbury bars if their just a few steps away!
  4. Think about your prize. Not the biggest Indian take-away in my lifeprize, remember why you decided to take up the challenge at first place. It should be something that you really enjoy- maybe some concert/cinema tickets, good book, beauty treatment, Thai massage or new kitchen equipment which helps you cook healthily. Make it as big or as little as you wish, as long as you invest in yourself. I’m sure you have the loved ones to care for on a daily basis but… this time is all about you– at the end of the day, the better you feel about yourself, the more you’re able to give the others!
  5. Encourage friends and family to join you- the more of us get involved, the more enjoyable the experience is!

Ok then, let’s start! And don’t forget to say hi to me on Facebook later on, I’ll keep you up to date with my ideas 🙂

Good luck to all of us!