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  • Sweet Potato & Cottage Cheese Recipe

    Spring has finally arrived!!! Well, at least on my plate 🙂 Today I’d like to give you some inspiration for a super quick and easy yet nutritious meal which just calls for blue skies and a bit of sunshine. To serve two, you’ll need: 1 sweet potato (peeled) 200g cottage cheese salt & pepper toppings: chives, chilli pepper, sprouts […]

  • beauty
  • Winter Skincare

    If you’re lucky to be living in the part of the world where the temperature hardly ever goes below 0°C, skip this post, go out and enjoy your great weather. For the rest of us who are not so fortunate I prepared a list of beauty products which help the skin survive Winter.   Cleanser […]

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  • Monday Challenge

    Constantly challenge yourself – huge, bold letters shout at me every time I open my laptop. It’s the wallpaper I got from GFDA (if you’re into motivational quotes, check out those guys, their gadgets are brilliant!) a few years ago and have kept it on my desktop ever since as a kind reminder. After all, […]

  • fashion
  • Happy Birthday, Kate

    The 42th birthday of the grunge chic icon is a great excuse to remind you my favourite photo shoot of all time. Let’s go back to the 1990 when Corrine Day showed the world how to fall in love with a skinny tomboy  who was just about to revolutionize the fashion industry. Ladies and Gentlemen: […]

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  • Pumpkin And Chickpea Curry Recipe

    This delicious vegan curry recipe guarantees a rich, full of flavour, home-made meal which is still fairly light (no oil needed).  Although the list of ingredients is quite long, don’t let it mislead you, the dish is super-easy to make! Ready to make your shopping list? For 3 portions, prepare:   1 packet pumpkin wedges […]