So… That’s It- Christmas Time Is Over!

ChristmasI’m back home after 4 days of travelling, meeting all the family and eating far too much- my Christmas is officially over, which I don’t mind at all. As much as I love all the festive things, I also appreciate some personal space and today I’m really happy- I won’t be back at work until January so I have quite a while do whatever I want which I haven’t experienced in ages.

Over the last few months I’ve been spending the most of my time at work and really missing on other things in life. I don’t hate my job, it’s ok but it has nothing to do with the butterflies in my belly if you know what I mean. The more I appreciate the break- only now, having a minute to think of it, I realise how desperately I need it. I’m going to make the most of my free time but today, I just want to take it easy- one baby step at a time 🙂

After nice, lazy breakfast with a book (yes, I finally have time to read something which isn’t a takeaway menu- yay!) I went shopping. It was absolutely necessary. First of all, I was lucky to find two pairs of amazing shoes under the tree so it would be crazy not to check how comfy they are, right? And then, after gaining some weight over Christmas (which I’m sure I did!), walking can be really beneficial for those who want to stay fit. And if there are some bags to carry, there’s only a bonus- I’ve always known staying in shape is easier than it seems!

The shopping centre next to my building truly was an amazing place to be in- surprisingly empty and quiet, fully recovered from the Christmas madness it was as peaceful and relaxing as the highest quality yoga class. And I had time to actually look at the clothes, to try them on, to feel the fabric…- a really nice change after months of quick online shopping (which is convenient but still lacking in those little things like the assistants greeting you with a smile to the sounds of well-known music, offering samples of new products).


I managed to treat myself with  a beautiful black polo neck top which is a rather basic piece but on the other hand, I was looking for it almost everywhere for so long that now when it’s bought it really feels like a trophy.

I also bought some fitness cd (time of new year’s resolutions soon!) and stocked up on magazines (guess what? For once in my life I have time to read them all!) and after coming back home I made a nice cup of tea and watched dozens of interviews by Collin McDowell online which only reminds me why I utterly admire him.

It’s such a great feeling to have absolutely nothing on the agenda, to listen to yourself and simply enjoy the moment. I already feel a better person and can’t wait to take up all the challenges I planned for the nearest future- so excited!