Royal November- The United Kingdom Of Coffee

For many of us November is the most depressing month of the year- it’s usually grey, rainy and windy, the days are getting shorter and the world may appear slightly miserable indeed. I especially hate its very first day as in here, due to the strong tradition of visiting cemeteries, all the shops are closed and the streets are completely empty. The largest city in Poland literally becomes a ghost town for one day, exactly like in that good old tune by The Specials.You know what I mean? The lack of this everyday rush, grave candles all over the show and free parking spaces in the city centre somehow ruin my mental piece and get me out of what’s safe and familiar. 
Today, however, it was a bit different. The weather was surprisingly decent  for this time of a year so I decided to go out and have a nice cup of coffee in some cosy place. The trouble was, the majority of local cafes were closed, and those very few opened were insanely crowded and not so cosy anymore. With no hope for anything special I ended up in Costa and… got incredibly surprised!

Not sure how it is in other countries but this Autumn in Poland Costa keeps reminding us of its British origin with slogans like The united kingdom of coffee and the word royal put in the names of some drinks and desserts. What can I say? I hardly ever notice such things anyway.
However, what I did notice today was other changes- it was great to find out they finally have some vegan options on the menu- wholegrain hummus and bean toast was a healthy choice I couldn’t resist. And then it only got better! Not able to buy shortbread fingers anywhere else, I ordered the chocolate chip biscuits, as well as a generous piece of plum tart which, in fact, was my love at first bite- rich, crunchy, packed with fruit… not really something you’d expect from a chain cafe. Or maybe I just don’t appreciate them enough? Anyway, like I already said, I was positively surprised with the British chain treating me with a truly royal November meal.