Most Loved Shoes Of All Time

If you know me a little, you’ve probably realised that my relationship with shoes is a serious affair so… why not to write about them? What can you write about shoes?! asked my friend the other day when I shared the idea. Quite a lot, I guess? Ok, they are practical items we can’t live without but… there’s a whole bunch of emotions, ideas, history or creativity behind them! And their role has certainly surpassed the primary function-  they can make or ruin the whole look, they can be your best friend or your number one enemy, they can influence the way you think of yourself as well as the message you sent to the others. And as for my experience, they simply add some colours to the world around, to my everyday life, bringing out different sides of me.
They make me smile and cry, they’re the source of my frustration and excitement, they make my eyes shine brighter and my hands sweat, they make my heart beat faster and my breath stop for a few seconds. They make me constantly curious, they give me thrills, they keep me inspired and find me looking for new angles. They unlock so many emotions and feelings and it’s just fun to express yourself through fashion.
I remember being a teen, when my (male) friend asked me once: Why did you buy five pairs of shoes? You only have two legs. I’ve never managed to make him get my point, but I have to admit, my way of shopping has changed a lot since then, too. It’s not about the quantity anymore, I’d rather go for some timeless, versatile, pretty basic pieces which give you a great field to work your imagination. And here’s my top 10:

Nude heels

A lifetime investment! They make your legs look longer and your whole silhouette appear slender, they are so versatile that you can wear them with everything and if you go for platforms, they’ll be as comfy as your favourite flats. Being probably the most flattering shoes one has ever invented, they’re simply a must-have.

Birkenstock sandals

It’s where the beauty takes on a whole new meaning. Available in dozens of colours (especially adore them in gold, silver and white!), with the whole range of different models, they’ve come a long way from being casual holiday sandals to entering catwalks and fashion editorials all over the world. It’s finally stylish to be comfy- yay!

Converse trainers

Simply timeless! Hard to find a person who wouldn’t own at least one pair, no? From sport grounds and school corridors, through the city streets, conference rooms and red carpets, Converse trainers are everywhere. Whether  the classic black or white, the ones with the Union Jack or some crazy animal print, they’ll complete any outfit. And you’ll rock it!

Ugg boots

Obviously! According to the brand,  the Classic Tall is an icon of casual style and I couldn’t agree more. So soft and comfortable, they keep my feet warm every winter for over a decade now and it’s hard for me to even imagine surviving without them. Don’t mind getting uggly at all!

Black flats

Ideal day-to-night option! I adore my Hush Puppies- girly and classy, the black flats are perfect for any occasion, looking fantastic with skinny jeans and a leather jacket as well as some cute retro-style dress. They can soften a sharp look and emphasize delicate futures of the romantic one, it all depends what you match them with. Flats are also my favourite travel shoes as, being so light, they easily fit into any hand luggage. Practical and stylish- that’s the combo I like!

Hunter wellies

Living in the UK taught me one thing: the only word to truly describe the British weather is unpredictable. And if you don’t know what to expect, you should be prepared for all, always carrying sunglasses as well as some decent umbrella at the bottom of your handbag. Under those circumstances, a nice pair of wellies may come in handy, no? No matter which part of the world you are, these boots are the choice you’ll never regret. They star rainy city streets, weekends in the country and muddy summer festivals all over the show. Paired with wool leg warmers they can transform into your favourite winter boots. How cool is that!

Adidas superstar trainers

They’re legend! Manufactured for nearly 50 years they remain a symbol of street style. Not reserved for sport culture anymore, superstar trainers have become extremely popular in various environments. And I’m not surprised at all. Universal as never before, they’re my favourite alternative to Converse when the days get colder. They will add a bit of nonchalant twist to your office suit, they will be a great complement to your boyfriend jeans and make that chic sequin dress look nearly effortless on you. Want to give it a sh(o)ot?

Vagabond platforms

My love at first sight! The Swedish company keeps treating me with completely ambivalent impressions about their products, which I think is brilliant. I find their pieces genuinely unique, pretty and ugly, modern and old-fashioned, very Scandinavian and international, clearly defined and versatile at once. Whatever you expect from these shoes, you’ll find it! They’re all about great (but not obvious!) look, comfort and quality, they give you that sparkle and inspiration… my hands are literally sweating when I’m typing this. They’re outstanding.  

Dr Martens shoes

My biggest secondary school crush- everyone wanted a pair of docks back then! My very first ones were classic cherry boots and I wore them with sky blue laces, proudly supporting some football team from East London. Today I make the most of the low-cut shoes- teamed with classy chinos they’re my perfect combo, very elegant and far from boring!

Slip-on trainers

My definition of the word convenient. Casual and a bit edgy, with hundreds of patterns and textures they’ll fit into pretty much any style and conditions. Boyfriend jeans, that checked mini skirt or your yoga outfit- mix and match however you fancy, just use your creativity and have fun with that! At the end of the day that’s what fashion is all about, no? 🙂