Sick Of Being Sick?

When I came back from Oslo last Tuesday, Warsaw gave me a warm welcome with tonnes of rain on the streets and the wind so strong that no umbrella could survive it. Surprise surprise, I caught a cold immediately.

At the beginning I was angry and frustrated, as I hate wasting my time… but then, step by step, I learned to discover how fab it actually is to be sick.


Lying in bed with the latest issue of Elle, drooling like a hungry bulldog to each pair of gorgeous shoes presented on never-ending legs of beautiful girls with impeccable make ups (and, pretty much, everything else), I smile to myself.
The fourth day of this cold truly is pretty enjoyable- you are not well enough to work hard, but you are fine enough to do all those selfish things you wouldn’t normally find time for (or just wouldn’t allow yourself to do).
Is that really that bad to find yourself reading magazines, eating carbs and watching make up tutorials on youtube once in a while?
Plus it never hurts to get rid of those nasty dark circles under your eyes as being sick, you are likely to be getting some proper sleep at last!
And you can catch up with films ( I finally watched The true cost– quite boring, awfully biased and rather unimaginative production, if you ask me… but still!), music ( does The X Factor count? :P) or sport events ( West Ham beat Crystal Palace last Saturday!) and all those small things you’re too busy to be up to date with normally.
Also, not having to face this weather- priceless!


I have to say, I appreciate being sick. Oh, and there will always be someone to spoil you with Starbucks and your favourite pie. Delivered to bed, of course 😉