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  • Opera House And Outstanding Food- Oslo Trip Part 3

      Being an art freak, I couldn’t miss the National Gallery, could I? I was absolutely excited to go there and couldn’t wait to see The Scream live, as it’s one of my favourite paintings of all time (still have a poster with it in my old room at my parents’!).   From the moment […]

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  • Munch Museum And Great Desserts- Oslo Trip Part 2

    We started sightseeing with one of the main spots on our must-see list, which was Munch Museet.      Lucky to see Behind the myths exhibition, devoted not only to Edvard Munch but also to another great Norwegian artist, Gustav Vigeland, we genuinely enjoyed the experience.    Especially, that some Polish contribution into Norwegian art […]

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  • Cold And Expensive- Oslo Trip Part 1

      Before my trip to Oslo everyone was trying to convince me how irrational the idea is. Due to their best knowledge, the city was supposed to be cold, dark and ridiculously expensive and, to tell the truth, the vision of some miserable, forgotten place was haunting me every now and then.     Today, […]

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  • Some Answers To Some Questions

      A cold Monday morning, a warm cup of coffee. An old cd, a little book. And some answers to some questions inside:   …because memory is deceptive…   …because each life makes its myths…   …because if no-one tells the story, there’s no story…   …because we pay more attention to some things than […]