Limelight- Rock And Roll Exhibition At Sofitel

When Limelight, one of the most fascinating photography exhibitions arrived in Warsaw in September to stay here until the end of October I was thinking I had plenty of time to visit it.

However, everyday life decided to play tricks on me with lot of other arrangements and the weather encouraging only to stay inside, preferably under generous layers of fluffy blankets. This way 7 weeks passed by and I still didn’t make it there, which is rather embarrassing to admit. Thankfully, after waking up last Sunday I decided it’s the high time I get out of the flat and finally explore what the finest British and French photographers have to offer.

Limelight, which has been displayed in 7 other countries already, is a unique collection of photographs presenting incredibly charismatic, ridiculously talented and equally famous people- musicians, actors, painters, fashion designers. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Christian Delacroix, Ives Saint Laurent, Mick Jagger, Brigitte Bardot, David Hockney and The Beatles were just a few of them. If I add that they were photographed by Marc Riboud, Jean-Marie Périer, Derek Hudson and Sébastien Micke does it really requite any comment? I loved it! They were absolutely magical- serious and funny, raw and sophisticated, rather predictable or completely surreal, all of them celebrating the moment and mastering emotions. The whole experience utterly blew my mind and I couldn’t resist sharing a few snaps with you… just imagine their real size and you’ll know how what I’m talking about!