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  • Limelight- Rock And Roll Exhibition At Sofitel

    When Limelight, one of the most fascinating photography exhibitions arrived in Warsaw in September to stay here until the end of October I was thinking I had plenty of time to visit it. However, everyday life decided to play tricks on me with lot of other arrangements and the weather encouraging only to stay inside, […]

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  • Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

      Since Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs only had its premiere earlier on this month and pretty much everyone is talking about it, I thought it would be a good occasion to share my view on one of the most remarkable people of our time, too. It seems that in the others’ eyes Steve Jobs was […]

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  • Food Diary 2- Healthy Autumn Goodies

    Today I’d like to present my favourite dishes made of typical Autumn veggies. I hope this will give you some inspiration before heading off to the local food market 🙂 Breakfast: Grilled veggies and hummus toast   Prepare hummus (my version contains chickpeas, tahini paste, salt, garlic, lemon juice and sundried tomatoes), mix it with some buckwheat […]

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  • Sick Of Being Sick?

      When I came back from Oslo last Tuesday, Warsaw gave me a warm welcome with tonnes of rain on the streets and the wind so strong that no umbrella could survive it. Surprise surprise, I caught a cold immediately.   At the beginning I was angry and frustrated, as I hate wasting my time… […]

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  • Aker Brygge And Vigeland’s Park- Oslo Trip Part 4

    I’m thrilled to start the last part of my Oslo posts sharing pictures from the coolest place ever.  Aker Brygge, which became my favourite spot in the capital of Norway, is packed with restaurants, cafes, shops and museums.        Being fresh, vibrant, very modern and still incredibly charming, the area reflects the best […]