Mary- Not Just Another Girl With A Pretty Voice

As I already said, the Autumn’s just around the corner. Very soon we’ll all be wearing Hunters and drinking pumpkin spice latte. And probably spending long evenings  listening to the music (at least that’s what I do). To be honest, there’s one very talented artist who particularly reminds me of the Autumn- not only because of her melancholic lyrics, it’s rather about that unique intimacy she creates opening the door to her world and letting you in.

She’s not just a singer and composer. Although her strongly accented English tends to drive me mad, although her personality appears too nonchalant, sluggish and simply irritating at times, I do love her to bits. She’s so completed as an artist… I still cannot believe it. I haven’t heard anything like her before, no single Polish musician of her generation is at this level. She’s truly genius and inspirational. Her music, being so raw, is purely beautiful, very elegant and sublime. The tone of her voice altogether with rough melodies, hypnotising bass lines and unobtrusive drums is what takes me to paradise.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mary Komasa!