Best Friends Forever

Sunday morning  was very special to me mainly because of whom I spent it with. There’s nothing like sipping cappuccino in your best friend’s company… Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce Aga! (yep, that’s the moment for applause 😉

Although me and Aga have been girlfriends for years, the truth is that, when we first met at school, we didn’t exactly click. Aga joined my class a few days after the term had already started and, strangely enough, out of over 30 people picked me to lend her some notes so that she could catch up with the material. And, genuinely speaking, I was the last person to be asked for them, with my notebooks full of random drawings and coffee stains.
I guess I must have given Aga a sort of unfriendly look back then- at the end of the day, she was that girl with shiny ginger hair, impeccable make up, wearing  a pink top and I… I had a short messy haircut and an outfit full of spikes.
She was all into ‘lose 8 lbs in a week’ diets, I was re-thinking strategies to convince that petite blonde sitting next to me that she’d be a perfect drummer for my brand new punk rock band.
I mean,  me and Aga… we were impossible to get along- we just couldn’t seem more different from each other. We were supposed to be getting on like salt and an open sore or something…
However, surprisingly, we turned out to be more like the coffee & milk combination, the inseparable one.
The day I met Aga was the best day of my school years- I found my soulmate and she’s changed my world forever. I’m incredibly lucky having her as a part of my life, she’s one of the most precious things I’ve got in my entire existence (oh dear, did I just call you a ‘thing’?!), she’s simply made me a better person.
Not only is there a countless amount of things that we have in common, understanding each other without a word spoken, but also we tend to be going through similar things in life at the same time… even last week on the day I hurt my foot, Aga hurt her finger! A bit scary, isn’t it?
I adore Aga more than I’m able to express. She’s wonderful- so kind, helpful and sensitive to the world around. And she’s always there for me- that kind of person you can call at three in the morning and a quarter later they’ll turn up at your door just to give you a hug and let you cry. That kind of person you can tell about the most shameful and embarrassing things you did and they will never judge you. They’ll have their open arms and a cup of tea waiting for you instead. Yep, that’s my Aga, my Best Friend Forever.
Only lately we realised that it’s been already over a decade of this amazing relationship and that we’ve never properly celebrated the fact of having each other for so long! So we came up with that excellent idea of going somewhere together… for instance… Oslo? Yep, Tom, it’s official- we’re gonna show up in October! How exciting is that?! 😀
The trip is going to be a fantastic adventure ( no doubts about it!) but until that, there’s still a whole bunch of fabulous moments ahead as it’s not really a matter of what’s going on but whom you share it with 🙂