Yoga In Poddabie


Although I’m terribly lucky to have the job I like, being under the gun is a part of the game. Being hopeless with figures, reports and paperwork in general, at the end of each month I really struggle to keep the deadlines.

What helps me to relax after a busy day is yoga. I discovered it only a few months ago and it turned out to be absolutely fantastic. To tell the truth, the whole spiritual thing had always seemed a total bullshit to me, only working with the body to become aware of it was something I wanted to go for.

Before my very first session I didn’t expect any mental journey to find my inner self but actually, what I experienced was so much more than just a bit of good stretching. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with yoga. It’s an amazing tool to take all the stress away, which helps you keep a healthy balance and puts things into some fresh perspective. If you add all the body benefits it just too good to be true, isn’t it.

So, when I was planning my summer holiday, a lovely little village by the seaside with quite a few yoga sessions every day seemed just beyond ideal. I would be insane not to go for it, no?



Now, I just got back to Warsaw, to the tiny flat in the centre of the crowded city and… I’ve never felt more relieved.

Don’t get me wrong, my holiday wasn’t bad, it just turned out that I’m actually not that spiritual. In fact, I’m not spiritual at all. As much as I enjoyed the seaside, beautiful landscapes and delicious vegetarian meals served there… being out of the city for so long was driving me crazy. I missed Warsaw. I missed my friends, my drum lessons, my favourite shops and cafes. I missed busy streets and stinky fast food bars. I was going mental hundreds miles away in some no-WiFi reality.


Now, looking at the world over the rim of my coffee cup I feel happy and relaxed again. As I mentioned before, Warsaw might be rather likable. Like my poor, skinny substitute for London.

Here in the centre it’s rather grey and not very pretty but still- all these people running through the streets to catch their buses, all the noise of busy cafes, overcrowded railway stations and sunbeams beautifully reflected in transparent, glass walls of skyscrapers… It all keeps me alive. I’ve never been more certain- I’m addicted to the city. The heavy, polluted air stuck between the rows of buildings is the only air that I breathe.

To make things clear- I’m not going to give up on my sessions. Yoga is great and I strongly recommend it to anyone- it keeps you positive, fit and healthy… as long as you can get back to your stuff after 90 minutes. Then, indeed- you’re rested and full of energy to conquer the world. In other case it doesn’t exactly work.