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  • Warsaw Is Weird

    Warsaw is weird. I used to think it’s ugly but now, when you put things into perspective, ‘weird’ feels far more appropriate to describe the city with a life size artificial palm put in the middle of a roundabout. At the end of the day, New York has its Statue of Liberty, Rio has its […]

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  • Summer, Here We Come! A Weekend In The Country

    It’s a  very special weekend for us all, isn’t it?  Summer has officially begun! When we headed off to the family house in the suburbs on Friday afternoon,  with a box full of cherries and my favourite summer dress packed, a huge smile appeared on my face. The plan was to spend two days doing […]

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  • ‘A’ For Anja, ‘B’ For Britain

    Since I’ve moved back to Poland, the only British magazine I can’t resist buying  regularly is i-D (in case you wonder- prices of foreign press in here are truly beyond crazy), BUT this month I was particularly looking forward to getting the July issue of Elle. The reason was simple: Anja Rubik presenting the pre-fall collections […]

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  • An Amazing Weekend In Krakow

    When it comes to travelling, before each journey, whatever the destination is, I always get super happy and excited. No wonder that before going to Krakow, one of my favourite places, I was completely over the moon. Therefore, the first thing I did after checking in was buying a camera to be share some pictures with […]