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  • Life Won’t Wait / A Note To My Blogging Girls

    As you remember, I was seriously considering ceasing the blog but then I realised that Into The City is probably the reason I’m still able to handle certain things the way I do. That I can’t quit, that I don’t actually want to quit. All the beautiful comments, private messages and texts full of kindness made […]

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  • Don’t Be Like Me

    Hello everyone, how have you been? If you are following my social channels you’ve probably noticed that it’s been rather quiet out there and if I post something at last it’s quite crappy. Well, that’s pretty much the reflection of my emotional state at the moment so I thought, instead of trying hard to deliver […]

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  • Versatile Instagrammer Award

    Hey there! How’s it going? Guess what? I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Some of you may remember this happen last year when the darling Aqy from Skinny Decxf Latte chose me for the award but this time it’s a different story. The person who nominated me this year is my travel guru […]

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  • Fairytale World Of Magical Lantern Festival

    Hi there you lovely gang, hope you’ve been doing well! Today I’d like to tell you about the Magical Lantern Festival which, let me say it, is called magical for a reason! I know it’s quite late to be reviewing the event as it’s going to be on for one more week only, but if […]

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  • Inside Vogue By Alexandra Shulman

    Alexandra Shulman has always been among those people whom I’m utterly fascinated with and who I absolutely admire, therefore, when I found her book in one of my favourite bookshops in early December, I was over the moon. Then, life happened and I didn’t touch it for a few long weeks until one sunny day […]