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  • Fairytale World Of Magical Lantern Festival

    Hi there you lovely gang, hope you’ve been doing well! Today I’d like to tell you about the Magical Lantern Festival which, let me say it, is called magical for a reason! I know it’s quite late to be reviewing the event as it’s going to be on for one more week only, but if […]

  • food
  • Foodie Friday: Mildreds, Ethos, Pret-A-Manger

    Hi Guys, hope you’re all good out there! A couple of weeks ago in my Veganuary post I promised you reviews of cafes and restaurants around London where you can eat delicious plant-based meals. It turned out there are actually far too many places to put them all in one post so I decided to […]

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  • The Doors! Or Notting Hill In Winter If You Like

    Good morning everyone! Do you remember my post about finally getting a flat after long weeks of looking for it? Back then I told you that East London probably suits me better than the posh area of Kensington, right?? Well, as much as I love my East End (because I genuinely do!), winter (and spring!) […]

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  • My Very Own Miracle (They Happen!)

    Dear friends, blogging pals, regular readers and passers-by, I’d like to say you are all beyond AMAZING!!! The amount of supportive comments, encouraging words, inspiring stories and, in general- love and care I received after publishing my last post has been unbelievable! I don’t want to sound cheesy but seriously, it means the world- thank […]

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas- My First Days In London

    When I look at these pictures taken during yesterday’s walk, I smile. They remind me how beautiful the city is. They remind me why I’m here. And I desperately need such reminders as so far what we’ve been going through is nothing short of a nightmare. Stuck in a tiny and not as clean as […]