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  • Foodie Friday: Mildreds, Ethos, Pret-A-Manger

    Hi Guys, hope you’re all good out there! A couple of weeks ago in my Veganuary post I promised you reviews of cafes and restaurants around London where you can eat delicious plant-based meals. It turned out there are actually far too many places to put them all in one post so I decided to […]

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  • The Doors! Or Notting Hill In Winter If You Like

    Good morning everyone! Do you remember my post about finally getting a flat after long weeks of looking for it? Back then I told you that East London probably suits me better than the posh area of Kensington, right?? Well, as much as I love my East End (because I genuinely do!), winter (and spring!) […]

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  • My Very Own Miracle (They Happen!)

    Dear friends, blogging pals, regular readers and passers-by, I’d like to say you are all beyond AMAZING!!! The amount of supportive comments, encouraging words, inspiring stories and, in general- love and care I received after publishing my last post has been unbelievable! I don’t want to sound cheesy but seriously, it means the world- thank […]

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas- My First Days In London

    When I look at these pictures taken during yesterday’s walk, I smile. They remind me how beautiful the city is. They remind me why I’m here. And I desperately need such reminders as so far what we’ve been going through is nothing short of a nightmare. Stuck in a tiny and not as clean as […]

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  • I’m Moving!!! Fear & Excitement

    moving to London

    Hello everyone! This post is basically just to share some happy news with you- I know I haven’t been able to blog as often as I wish at the same time I genuinely believe it’s about to change. Life is pretty busy, a bit stressful and super exciting for me at the moment and it’s […]