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  • Home Sweet Home


    Hi guys! It’s been not even a fortnight since I posted a few words to you and it literally feels like months! So much is going on everyday and I finally moved to my dream flat (*yay*) so have no internet yet… which, strangely enough, doesn’t bother me that much! I mean, with everyday trips […]

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  • My Very Own Miracle (They Happen!)


    Dear friends, blogging pals, regular readers and passers-by, I’d like to say you are all beyond AMAZING!!! The amount of supportive comments, encouraging words, inspiring stories and, in general- love and care I received after publishing my last post has been unbelievable! I don’t want to sound cheesy but seriously, it means the world- thank […]

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas- My First Days In London


    When I look at these pictures taken during yesterday’s walk, I smile. They remind me how beautiful the city is. They remind me why I’m here. And I desperately need such reminders as so far what we’ve been going through is nothing short of a nightmare. Stuck in a tiny and not as clean as […]

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  • Last days in my hometown


    Hi there 🙂 How has everyone been? Enjoying a spare minute with a cup of coffee I thought I’d give you a quick, more personal update before going back to my normal blogging routine. As you know I’m about to move to my beloved city so at the moment it really is all about preparations (stress!!! […]

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  • I’m Moving!!! Fear & Excitement

    moving to London

    Hello everyone! This post is basically just to share some happy news with you- I know I haven’t been able to blog as often as I wish at the same time I genuinely believe it’s about to change. Life is pretty busy, a bit stressful and super exciting for me at the moment and it’s […]